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A Virtual Tour in Museums

Immersive Lab

A Virtual Tour in Museums

A Virtual Tour in Museums

Job Digital Lab’s micro-learning modules

The recreation of environments and modelling of spaces in 3D multiply the opportunities we have to admire the works and treasures in our museums. Photography, modelling, hotspots and smartphones can generate added value to exhibitions, picture galleries and historical archives.

In just a few minutes, Federico Di Giacomo explained how digital tools can enrich the enjoyment of our cultural heritage. And how to develop a virtual tour with more than just a “wow” effect.

This video is one of the micro-learning modules developed by Project Job Digital Lab to provide you with greater learning opportunities, at any time and in any place. The objective of the educational programme, developed with ING Italia, is to reinforce the digital skills of those who are looking for a new opportunity on the job market.


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