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What’s an Electronic Signature

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What’s an Electronic Signature

What’s an Electronic Signature

Presenting the Citizens’ Digital House

The Citizens’ Digital House  (My Rhome) provides access, following authentication, to the Rome Council’s custom-tailored on-line services (the so-called "rooms"). A single channel allows citizens to communicate with the Capitoline Administration, learn about any administrative procedure, monitor the status of ongoing practices, and participate in initiatives in which they are, or would like to be, involved, performing all necessary operations in a few simple steps.

So, how does it work? How can one sign documents?  Here is a short explanatory video produced at the Innovation Gym  as part of Programme Smart & Heart Rome, promoted with the Department for Digital Transformation of the Rome Council, which explains how to access the service and request, for example, a “state of the family” certificate. The protagonists of this short real-life tutorial are Edoardo and a young citizen who needs to sign an electronic document.

The Digital House of Citizens is accessible from the welcome page and the reserved area of the city portal, following identification with the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), the Electronic ID Card (CIE) or with the National Service Card (CNS).


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