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Fondazione Mondo Digitale



The Fondazione Lars Magnus Ericsson and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale have renewed their common commitment to support, through an experimental training course, orientation and enterprise, and the personal and professional development of youth. The objective is to help young men and women to discover the potential of fifth-generation networks and introduce them to the new skills and professional profiles required by the job market.


THE CHALLENGE – The “5GBOT” Challenge for high connectivity robotic applications and artificial intelligence will be launched as part of RomeCup, the long-standing FMD event dedicated to innovation. The challenge will enrich RomeCup’s creative contests, attracting teams composed by researchers, university students and high school students on PCTO courses:

  • Agriculture and Environment (AGROBOT)
  • Rehabilitation (COBOT)
  • Elderly Assistance (COBOT)
  • Marine Robotics (MAREBOT)
  • Automatic Driving (TIRBOT)


During the course of the year, the teams will work together to devise a prototype for RomeCup 2022. Projects and prototypes will be evaluated on the basis of five criteria: impact, low cost, originality, efficacy, interdisciplinarity.



  • Promote STEM university programmes and careers
  • Contribute to the creation of a connected, innovative and sustainable society with creativity projects by young men and women
  • Support new talent and ideas
  • Support university orientation
  • Contrast the gender divide in science and technology



The contest addresses high school students, university students and researchers:

  • IIS Galilei - Di Palo - Salerno
  • ITCG F. Niccolini - Volterra, Industrial Section
  • A. Santucci – Pomarance -Genoa


  • Departments of IT, Robotic Bioengineering and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS), Naval, Electric, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering (DITEN) – University of Genoa
  • Departments of IT and Information Engineering, University of Pisa
  • Department of IT, University of Salerno



Three macro-actions:

  • TRAINING: three teams of high school students will participate in a course (both proximate and on-line) with Ericsson researchers, university tutors and FMD coaches. The participation of women and female leadership will be promoted in the teams.
  • PROTOTYPING: with the support of the universities, the teams will work on developing working 5G solutions. The cost to develop the final product must be less than €500.
  • EXHIBITION: the projects will be showcased at RomeCup 2022 (May 2-4). They must be accompanied by a presentation (slides or video). Prototypes should be operative and have a software interface.

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