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Informatizzare qualificando

Informatizzare qualificando

Informatizzare qualificando

Informatizzare qualificando

City of Aprilia and Fondazione Mondo Digitale for the digital literacy of seniors

The objective of the “Informatizzare Qualificando” project promoted by the City of Aprilia in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale is the extension of the “Grandparents on the Internet” intergenerational learning model to its own elderly citizens for the promotion of functional and digital literacy also in smaller communities. In the model proposed by the Foundation, students at Aprilia schools teach their elders how to use personal computers and Internet.
In particular, the project:
  • promotes the permanent training of adults and digital literacy for the nation’s elderly;
  • reduces the digital divide between members of the population while encouraging the active digital citizenship of seniors;
  • helps the elderly acquire familiarity with the online services offered by public administrations;
  • contrasts the phenomena of alienation and solitude in the elderly, promotes intergenerational exchange with the young, and contributes to the creation of a virtual community in the web;
  • permits long distance communication between friends and family far away;
  • makes socialization of elderly women easier;
  • promotes inter-generational dialogue and increases the value of different skills and experiences;
  • proposes a model of volunteer work aimed at the construction of democratic learning society open to everyone through the exchange of skills and knowledge;
  • provides response to the need of education in the 21st century that combines intelligence, skills and contacts with fundamental values.



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La pubblicazione fa parte dell'offerta formativa del progetto "Informatizzare qualificando" promosso dal Comune di Aprilia con la Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

A cura della Fondazione Mondo Digitale con la collaborazione di Francesca Del Duca, la supervisione del professore Alfonso Molina e il contributo del Comune di Aprilia.

Progetto grafico di Sara Pierantozzi.



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