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A cultural business challenge with Project RoLAB - Rome Live Art Lab

Promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Rome, RoLAB - Rome Live Art Lab in a new project that will involve students, artists, associations, creative cultural enterprises and citizens in the regeneration and animation of areas in Rome. The objective of the project, which includes two main actions, is to contribute to the “artistic direction” of the Italian capital through inclusive development of new areas that can be enjoyed and lived in (On Map) and innovative forms of artistic and technological expression (PAS).



  • Use art as an accelerator for digital transformation and economic development;
  • Experiment new models to regenerate abandoned and unused areas;
  • Involve citizens in the regeneration and animation of urban areas;
  • Promote community processes;
  • Use art to aggregate hybrid sectors and produce cultural contamination;
  • Increase cultural opportunities for citizens;
  • Strengthen collaboration between public and private subjects to promote culture and public service.



Restoring forgotten, abandoned and unused areas

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale “Call for Ideas” will select projects that can transform abandoned areas into cultural and artistic spaces for the community. The contest is inspired by the challenge launched by Steven A. Wolff, Director of AMS Planning & Research and cultural business expert. In their development history, art centres (PACs) have four stages: Home, Place, Community and Innovation. Can Rome interpret a cultural business model? This is a challenge for high school students: an educational, challenging and transformative process for them to work together with local agencies and professionals and present innovative, artistic proposals for urban regeneration and requalification.



Art as public service: a dialogue with the city and its citizens

"Artists tell our stories, celebrate our successes and help us to learn together” (Steven Wolff).

In line with the new conception of the Media Art Festival, which takes place throughout the city in a range of different locations, the objective of the second action is to promote art as public service, as a dialogue with the city and its citizens. Installations and performances take place in unusual places, both downtown and in the suburbs, to provide new interpretations of common life and new local dimensions. This may give rise to interactive installations in schools, post offices, companies and even a wall mapping on the facade of the American Embassy, the main feature of the action. Works may be the result of individual artistic research or that of many labs with students, creatives, makers, artisans, designers, etc.

Video motivazionale di Steven A. Wolff

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