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Tra generazioni. L'unione crea il lavoro

Apprendimento intergenerazionale

Tra generazioni. L'unione crea il lavoro

Tra generazioni. L'unione crea il lavoro

With Cna Pensionati for intergenerational training and the creation of new job opportunities

Exchange of skills as a cultural accelerator. Fondazione Mondo Digitale and CNA Pensionati for intergenerational training, enhancement of craftsmanship and creation of new job opportunities.

The special edition in health emergency.

It started in October 2020 and ended in 2021 with the "Samuel's Tips" column: ten short videos, posted periodically on the CNA Pensionati Facebook page and in VerdEtà magazine, help seniors navigate the web and make the best use of their cell phones.


After the success of the first four editions, Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) and CNA Pensionati are investing again in the intergenerational learning model: seniors return to their school desks to learn from digital natives how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet and familiarize themselves with new technologies; in return, they put the knowledge and secrets of the oldest crafts into the hands of the students to enhance them and revive them in a 4.0 key.

The fifth edition involves 40 students and 40 seniors in 2 cities in 2 Italian regions, Liguria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

  • Relaunch the country's human, social and economic capital through the sharing of knowledge and experiences of young and old people
  • Promote and encourage intergenerational training
  • Enhance artisan crafts and spread know-how among the younger generation
  • Involve CNA Pensionati in digital literacy paths
  • Turn technology into a powerful social tool
  • Provide opportunities for young people to put their digital skills to use.


Reference of the project action is the Education for Life model that combines knowledge, skills, core values and character aspects with three learning modes (Lifelong, Lifewide and Lifedeep Learning). The activities are based on the intergenerational learning model: school students, in the role of digital facilitators, accompany CNA retirees to take their first steps into the world of technology and the Internet.

The over-65s provide young people with passion and deep knowledge of artisan crafts to enhance them and revive them thanks to new technologies.


    A training course on the effective use of digital tools is launched in each school, divided into 10 workshops of 2 hours each. Fifteen local high school students and 15 seniors participate. One class is entirely dedicated to training on business models to bring young people closer to crafts (traditional and digital) and entrepreneurship.

    Each track includes two visits to local businesses or fab labs. The youth-senior and craft-technology relationship stems from the belief that creativity, tradition and innovation can come together to create jobs and new development opportunities for the country.

    At the end of the course young and old participate in a creative session to develop a new product and/or service idea in craft or micro-entrepreneurship.


Since 2002, through the intergenerational learning model, FMD has reached:

  • 20 regions
  • 38,000 over 65
  • 20,000 young people
  • 2,300 teacher coordinators

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