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Agenda of the Week

Sustainability Creathon

Agenda of the Week

Agenda of the Week

Webinars and labs for students, teachers, parents, grandparents and citizens

Educational activities continue with both in-presence labs and on-line webinars.

The educational sessions organised by Programme Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse at Binario F (Via Marsala 29 H) will also be held in presence. On Wednesday, November 3, there will be the third appointment dedicated to The Metaverse for Economic Development.

Cecilia Stajano will participate in the virtual round table concluding the fourth edition of the  Global Stop Cyberbullying Telesummit [see news: Fighting Cyberbullying].

Also on Thursday, November 3, Alfonso Molina will participate via videocall in the inauguration of the PerArtEM, Permanent Art Exhibition at Majorana at the “Mario Verdone” Auditorium of IIS Via Roma 298 in Guidonia [see news: PerArtEM in Guidonia].



Monday, October 31

18.00-19.00 | Become a Social Media Marketer | Ambizione Italia for Work | Coach Daniela Brunno | Students and Young Unemployed – Orientation for Jobs of the Future

Wednesday, November 2

10.00-11.30 | Storytelling. The Recipe for Writing a Story | Fully Enjoy the Internet | Primary School | Coach Nicoletta Vulpetti

Thursday, November 3

10.00-11.30 | Cloud Jobs | Roll Cloud | Secondary School Years 3-5 | Coach Sara Magrini

11.00-12.30 | Communicating Kindly | Fully Enjoy the Internet | First-degree Secondary School | Coach Rosanna La Malfa

15.30-17.00 | Hacker vs. Hacker | Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity | Rome Campus Bio-Medico University | Secondary School Years 4-5 | Coaches: Luca Faramondi, Martina Nobili and Simone Guarino

17-18.30 | How to Become a Project Manager | Ambizione Italia for Work | Coach Roberta Moretti | Youth and Citizens seeking professional requalification

18.30-19.30 | Cloud Computing | Ambizione Italia for Work | Coach Elena Cerbara | Youth orientation at Microsoft Academies

Friday, November 4

10.00-11.30 | Cloud Jobs | Roll Cloud | Secondary School Years 3-5 | Coach Lara Forgione

16.30-18.00 | Aware of False Myths on Sustainability? | Reframing Activity (Module 4) |  COde&FraME for Self-empowerment  | Second-degree Secondary School | Coach Elisa Chierchiello


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