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A Business Strategy for the Jubilee 2025

Vagone FMD nel Metaverso

A Business Strategy for the Jubilee 2025

A Business Strategy for the Jubilee 2025

Vagone FMD in the Metaverse. Binario F hosts a training session for Roman entrepreneurs.

"Together with Meta, we organized over 15 meetings in 2023 to talk to policy makers and specific sector operators about the potential of the Metaverse for organizations, both in terms of work and business. Technology, for us, is a lever to support the development of local communities." Yesterday's meeting at Binario F, entitled Towards the Jubilee 2025: How to Seize Digital Opportunities, was opened by Mirta Michilli, Director General of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The event is part of Programme Vagone FMD: From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse, promoted with Meta.

"It would not have been possible to conduct knowledge and reflection initiatives on the metaverse, like this one, without our partners. Today, the metaverse allows interactive experiences that are very different from the rest of the digital world and must be exploited. For businesses, the most interesting applications concern fashion, education, and medicine. What you will see today is the result of research conducted by Meta and its partners. We like to welcome all initiatives related to the experimentation and study of new technology," explained Flavio Arzarello, Public Policy Manager, Economic and Regulatory Policy, Meta.

"We work to help micro-businesses access and remain permanently in the digital sector, overcoming the difficulties often represented by lack of knowledge and skills. We provide tenders and resources to help businesses follow the path of innovation," pointed out Massimiliano Colella, Director General, Innova Camera, in his speech. "It is necessary to assist operators in this transition so that they may remain competitive and equip themselves with a digital interface, which is increasingly popular on the market. The State must also support businesses and help them overcome the gaps linked to access to technology. "

"In 2018, we organized one of the first meetings on the Punto Impresa Digitale Network, a network of Chamber of Commerce offices which aims to promote 4.0 technology, and therefore the world of virtual reality. Today, we are already talking about virtual applications and business models, and we want to continue to collaborate and promote synergies between companies together with specialized partners such as Meta and Fondazione Mondo Digitale," added Alessio Misuri, Innovation Manager at Dintec.



Gianluca Polegri, Director, Digital Channels Engineering: The metaverse follows a wide range of different applications: XR services (augmented and virtual reality), phigital (mobile terminals and PCs), Web 3.0 (cryptocurrencies, blockchain...) which is why we talk about the metaverse in terms of "solutions." We are building consensus and three-dimensional experience around the metaverse because it is a sophisticated and complicated world. A lot of work is still needed to make it fully functional. We talk about a metaverse when a virtual and not just immersive experience is created, when it is shared with other people, interoperable i.e. open to interlocutors, when it is virtual and persistent therefore with an evolving history. Industrial uses currently mainly concern gaming, events and multimedia, e-commerce, medicine, learning, collaboration and co-design (e.g. virtual offices), and industrial uses (digital twins, simulations).

Giulia Mastrorosato, Business Manager, TechStar, remotely presented some uses of the metaverse with a technology that allows meetings in a virtual environment. Each subject is represented by an avatar that can communicate through gestures. The app is also accessible via mobile phone. A receptionist welcomes visitors and is programmed to provide information decided by the company. From the reception, one can access the showroom through some of the applications proposed for companies by TechStar, such as that of the San Daniele Prosciutto Consortium.



Organised by Technical Infrastructure and Educational Resources Manager, Fondazione Mondo Digital, and Edoardo Mancini, Coach, Fondazione Mondo Digitale.


Training Session

Roberta Moretti, a Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach, illustrated the possible business plans and strategies for the 2025 Jubilee and the actions that could be addressed through technology and digital tools to position oneself and stand out. Roberta spoke, in particular, about personal branding and how to present oneself on the market. The Jubilee is considered a great opportunity for the local and national economy since 32 million visitors are expected in Rome.

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