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The Challenge of Inclusive Learning

La sfida dell'apprendimento inclusivo
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The Challenge of Inclusive Learning

The Challenge of Inclusive Learning

We remind you that until June 30th it is possible to nominate a project or experience for the Learning Accessibile Award, promoted by the Olimpyus Association and supported by Piazza Copernico, a company specialising in e-learning training for large companies in the insurance, banking, and multi-utility sectors.

The objective of the contest is to enhance good practices implemented in the educational and training world that overcome learning barriers and conscious cognitive use of contents thanks to the use of digital technologies or artificial intelligence [see news: Beyond Learning Barriers].

Last week, the president of the Olimpyus Association, Daniele Verdesca, interviewed Marta Pietrelli and Ilaria Graziano on inclusive learning. We share the recording of the conversation in the "digital fireplace" available on the organization's YouTube channel. Marta, who also is on the award jury, talks about her social background and her arrival at FMD to coordinate projects based on innovative and inclusive teaching. Ilaria, who comes from the world of social planning, is now a ten-year "veteran" at FMD. She is responsible for designing social innovation operations in contexts of hardship and fragility, from educational poverty to the issue of migration. 


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