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Coding Girls: Feeling Closer Together

Coding Girls

Coding Girls: Feeling Closer Together

Coding Girls: Feeling Closer Together

Educational exchanges at 7000 kilometres between Italy and Mozambique

Activities continue for Coding Girls in Mozambique. On Tuesday, June 16, the young women in the Province of Gaza participated in an initial on-line role modelling meeting with Coach Elisa Chierchiello, an artificial intelligence student, who presented her experience. “Famous people, successful leaders, talented athletes, creative artists, innovative scientists, and above all normal people … they can all be defined as role models. They are people who have fearlessly faced challenges and who do not give up when facing difficulties. They show us that everything is possible if you believe in yourself,” Elisa explained to her peers living in a distant reality. Today we live in an extremely dynamic and complex world. And we strongly believe that finding positive role models, people that can be of inspiration and examples of real resilience is fundamental, especially for youth.

Yesterday, instead, young women studying in the Province of Inhambane were the protagonists of a virtual intercultural exchange with the coaches of the Italian national Coding Girls Programme. “Sharing stories, opinions, and different cultures has an incredible value. It provides an opportunity to extend our horizons, to appreciate what we do not know, and to grow personally. And all of this has been possible thanks to digital tools,” explains Elisabetta Gramatica, Project Coordinator. “After the presentations, the students described their courses and the educational modules of the two declinations of the Coding Girls Programme. Then, we began to exchange stories. Stories of trips, friendships, and adolescent issues that allowed the girls to get to know each other and feel closer together although they were 7000 kilometers away from each other. The students then conducted an interactive activity on the Miro Platform in which the Italian and Mozambiquan students organised an ideal three-day trip to Mozambique to discover local food, beautiful beaches, and local artists.”

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