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Educational Community Networking

Peer Sharing a Spazio Aperto

Educational Community Networking

Educational Community Networking

Peer Sharing: four on-line meetings scheduled on Zoom.

The objective of Project Peer Sharing, which boasts a wide range of skills thanks to its partnership, is to contrast educational poverty creating an Educational Community in Rome’s Municipio VII through peer sharing amongst the various parties operating in the area.

Four on-line meetings have been scheduled to create more dialogue between parent associations, sports associations, libraries, cultural associations, and schools.

  1. Meeting with Parent Associations 
    February 2, 16.30
    Session code: 815 7440 3745
    Access code: 809014
  2. Meeting with Sports Associations 
    February 13, 16.30 
    Session code: 869 3990 3435
    Access code: 041639
  3. Meeting with Libraries and Cultural Associations 
    February 26, 16.30 
    Session code: 869 8976 7890
    Access code: 325697
  4. Meeting with Schools 
    March 11, 16.30 
    Session code: 879 3373 4505
    Access code: 093523

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