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Generative Artificial Intelligence for Business

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Generative Artificial Intelligence for Business

Generative Artificial Intelligence for Business

Local Job Digital Lab event in Ancona

On Tuesday, May 7, Job Digital Lab – Traiing to Get Back in Action alights in Ancona in collaboration with the Digital Enterprise Point of the Chamber of Commerce of the Marche and the University of the Marche.

Artificial intelligence is evolving at a very fast and non-stop pace. In fact, there isn’t a day in which new tools and features are not presented. Never before has a product or service experienced such explosive and widespread growth. AI is rapidly revolutionizing the way in which companies manage their production, organizational, and communication processes, in every sector and area.

As Harvard Business School Professor Karim Lakhani states “It will not be a robot that will take away our jobs, but it will be the people who know how to use AI much better than us. “Indeed, we need to move beyond apocalyptic scenarios and begin to exploit the opportunities provided by AI [see: AI Won’t Replace Humans — But Humans With AI Will Replace Humans Without AI].

Digital maturity and the adoption of aI are proving to be determining factors for the success of business. In its “Rewired and Running Ahead: Digital and AI Leaders are Leaving the Rest Behind” study, McKinsey sheds light on how companies that excel in these fields not only do better than the competition, but also increase their profits.

And this is even truer for SMEs for which AI is a particularly precious and accessible tool, considering the limited budgets that are often available for digital innovation, compared to large companies.

To accompany and support local businesses in seizing the opportunities provided by this extraordinary innovation and the digital tools available, Job Digital Lab, the programme developed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ING Italia for the development of digital skills, stops in Ancona with a training course organised in collaboration with the Digital Enterprise Point of the Marche Chamber of Commerce and the Polytechnic University of the Marche.

The course is meant for small and medium-sized businesses that want to understand how generative artificial intelligence works, how to set up a social strategy with AI, and how to create content for on-line channels using advanced platforms (Chatgpt, Leonardo AI, Canva, Postnitro).

During the JDL event, local practical cases and success stories will also be presented as a source and model for inspiration: Moda Metrics and Deep Reality.

Blog: an interview with Flavio Tonetto, Chairman, Deep Reality: Leggere, provare, approfondire, studiare (in Italian).

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