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The Importance of Being a Coding Gir

Presentazione della nona edizione di Coding Girls

The Importance of Being a Coding Gir

The Importance of Being a Coding Gir

The ninth edition was presented yesterday

The ninth edition of Coding Girls, the augmented educational programme to train the new generation on STEAM subjects and provide orientation for their future careers, was held yesterday at the Young Conference Centre of the United States Embassy in Rome. The strength of the great educational alliance, coordinated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with the support of the United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy, is the synergy between the various partners that have “adopted” schools, areas, and entire educational communities. In addition to 32 academic institutions, the alliance also includes Microsoft, Compagnia di San Paolo, ENI, and now ING Italia, too.

The salary gap between men and women is less wide in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), according to the most recent Eurostat Report, which, nonetheless, points out that the achievement of equality and inclusion is still far. This is why it is so important to promote projects that address gender bias from childhood, like Coding Girls, the educational programme developed to help girls and young women to freely select their studies and future professions, whilst practicing STEM subjects.

The presentation event for the 9th edition at the Young Conference Centre of the United States Embassy in Rome included students of all ages and classes, as well as the educational alliance coordinated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale

The alliance includes schools, families, universities, companies, and public and private associations, in synergy with the United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy and in collaboration with Microsoft and Compagnia di San Paolo. Moreover, in collaboration with ENI we developed a programme addressing sustainability and the energy transition. And this year, ING Italia joins our alliance, too.

“The experienced matured since 2014 with our Coding Girls has led us to understand that a culture of inclusion in STEM requires a foundation in early childhood, for both young girls and boys, as increasing their awareness early on helps to progressively weaken gender stereotypes that are deeply rooted in our society. This is also clearly evident in the students participating in the project, who at the end of the course acknowledged they had changed their beliefs to overcome initial prejudice,” explained Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

“Providing young women with the necessary tools to succeed in the working world is an important foreign policy priority for the United States,” declared Christina Tomlinson, Minister Councillor for Public Affairs, United States Embassy. “With Coding Girls we emphasise fundamental issues for relations between the United States and Italy, like the greater inclusion of women in STEM. Women are a driving force in social change and the education of citizens to the democratic values that our countries share.”

After having involved ca. 15,000 students in more than 30 Italian cities, and in collaboration with over 30 universities, this year, Coding Girls will also organize a special programme with the City of Rome in collaboration with the Rome Council. Moreover, the programme will also focus on IT security in collaboration with Microsoft. Indeed, cybersecurity is a social investment of collective interest that does not only concern hackers, super experts, and special teams.

Furthermore, thanks to the Italian Agency for Cooperation Development (AICS) and together with the Centre for Information and Development Education (CIES), we are involving Italian students with students from ten provinces in Mozambique in a STEAM (both basic and advanced) training and awareness-raising programme, with an intensive course for a group of young women on experiences of incubation and the development of micro and small enterprises by women.


  • Annamaria Brancaccio, School Administrator, General Direction for School Systems and the Evaluation of the National Education System, Ministry of Education 
  • Marwa Elhakim, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ENI 
  • Pierpaolo Limone, Rector, University of Foggia and CRUI Coordinator for Orientation, Training, ITS, and Life-long Learning (tbc) 
  • Monica Lucarelli, Equal Opportunities Councillor, City of Rome 
  • Beatrice Pasciuta, Deputy Rector for Equal Opportunities, University of Palermo 
  • Maria Grazia Pugliese, Customer Success Executive, Microsoft Italia 


  • Elisa Chierchiello, Coach, Fondazione Mondo Digitale 
  • Silvia Salini, Associate Professor of Statistics, “La Statale” University of Milan
  • Giorgia Mazzanti, student, Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna 
  • Annarita Petrillo, Professor, Liceo Scientifico Peano, Monterotondo 


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