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It’s Final Exam Time

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It’s Final Exam Time

It’s Final Exam Time

Over one million students sitting eighth-grade and state certification exams.

Over 560,000 students are currently taking their eighth-grade exams, the final test after three years of lower secondary school, which they must pass to move on to the first year of high school. The exam is divided into three written tests (Italian, mathematics, and languages) and an interview. All tests will take place between the last day of school and June 30, according to a calendar defined independently by each individual school.

In fact, not all schools have concluded the school year. Today, June 14, is the last day for students in Bolzano, while the first to start the holidays were the students of Emilia Romagna on June 6.

The state exam will involve 526,317 students (512,530 internal candidates and 13,787 external candidates). This exam marks the end of the second cycle of education. There will be 14,072 exam commissions, for a total of 28,038 classes. The exam begins on Wednesday 19 June at 8.30 am with the first written test. There will be three tests. 

The first consists of a national written test in Italian or the language in which teaching takes place. The second is another written test, also national, in one or more of the disciplines that characterize the course of study. A further written test is required in some areas. The third test is a multi- and interdisciplinary interview to evaluate the student's ability to grasp connections between different types of knowledge and to evaluate the candidate's educational, cultural, and professional profile. In the interview, the candidate will explain, through a short report and/or multimedia project, their PCTO experiences. Furthermore, students will have to demonstrate the acquisition of civic education skills as defined in the school curriculum and provided for in the class council document.

During the interview, many candidates therefore document their experiences with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (PCTO, RomeCup creative contests, etc.) and present the projects created with digital technologies (apps, robots, prototypes, etc.).

Please remember that some students are currently engaged in robotics challenges: the European Championships in Hannover, Germany (June 13-16) and the World Championships in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands (July 17-21).

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