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With Joinclusion at the National AIP Congress


With Joinclusion at the National AIP Congress

With Joinclusion at the National AIP Congress

Developmental and Education Psychology Section in Foggia in September

The next congress of the Italian Psychology Association (AIP) will include a focus on JOINclusion, the European project developed in by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht, the Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab at the “Federico II” University of Naples and Odyssea Academy Greece. The project provides an innovative game-based approach to help students develop empathy and a greater awareness and understanding of different cultures.

The 35th edition of the Congress will be held at the University of Foggia on September 25-27, 2023

Alessandra Colella, psychologist and PhD student in Mind Gender and Language, Davide Marocco, Professor of Psychometrics and member of the research team at the “Federico II” University of Naples, and Annaleda Mazzucato, FMD Project Manager di FMD, will participate in the event.

The event will also feature the presentation of the methodology developed by the “Federico II” University of Naples to test the game and implemented, in Italy, by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with the first results on game usability. The beta-version of the game was tested by Italian primary school students who had adapted versions of the Extended Short Feedback Questionnaire (Moser et al., 2012) and Instructional Game Evaluation (Tan et al., 2010) tools. The results were largely positive.

Two scenarios, with six levels each, characterize the beta version that works on increasingly complex abilities, ranging from the identification of other people’s emotions, based on expressive and social signals, to teamwork and the resolution of collaborative issues.

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