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The Metaverse for Business

Vagone FMD nel Metaverso

The Metaverse for Business

The Metaverse for Business

New appointment at Binario F with Confcommercio Roma

While 86% of users aged 18-75 has heard about the metaverse, only 8% really understands what it is about. These are some of the results published by the Observatory on Augmented Reality and the Metaverse at the School of Management of the Mylan Polytechnic University (POLIMI). We currently have 212 different virtual worlds, but there is no fully interoperable digital universe. Out of 445 international business projects addressing e-commerce (37%) and entertainment (27%), 60 (13%) have been developed by Italian companies. Out of the 231 projects identified in Italy, 126 concern consumer management and 105 address business processes.

According to the POLIMI Observatory, people still believe that the metaverse is not suitable for business. Experts, on the other hand, are convinced that the metaverse provides businesses with an opportunity “to extend their services and goods to consumers and companies; for example, by launching specific digital products (i.e., NFT collections) or develop events that can only be enjoyed on-line. I will provide advanced immersivity for distance collaborative activities. These are just some of the examples that highlight how it will be possible to strengthen existing products and services, whilst also creating new business opportunities that are at present unimaginable.”

The next meeting at Binario F, organised with Confcommercio Roma and Federservizi, is dedicated to exploring the concrete opportunities for the development of the metaverse for SMEs in Rome. The session will be held on Friday, November 3 (11:00-1:00). The event is part of Programme Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse, developed with Meta.


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