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From a Return Trip to Enterprise

Polatours Giulia Valacchi

From a Return Trip to Enterprise

From a Return Trip to Enterprise

Nicoletta Vulpetti on Job Digital Lab with Giulia Valacchi’s story.

"At 18, after graduating, I wanted to escape from Siena, so I landed in Rome and then, with a degree in economics in my pocket, I set out: first to Lisbon and then to Geneva. In Geneva, I worked as an economic statistician for WIPO , a UN agency. Then, at 30, I decided to return to where I felt at home." Thus begins the story of Giulia Valacchi, a young Sienese entrepreneur. When she decided to return home, her return was not a step backwards, but rather it was the beginning of a new entrepreneurial chapter. She was now the protagonist of the economic and cultural fabric of Siena with Polaroad: an idea that combines love for the area and a passion for instant photography. Digital tools allowed her to reach an audience interested in rediscovering these interests.

With “Giulia’s Return Trip and Reinvention,” Nicoletta Vulpetti presents Project Job Digital Lab, promoted with Ing Italia, on the Il Sole 24 Ore APPrenderò Blog.


Reinventing Oneself with Digital Tools: When Returning Represents a New Beginning



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