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Rome Calling Cabo Delgado

Coding Girls in Mozambico

Rome Calling Cabo Delgado

Rome Calling Cabo Delgado

Coding Girls Educational Sessions in Mozambique

“On-line cultural exchanges between young people from different countries can be extremely important for promoting intercultural understanding, global cooperation, and personal growth, helping to create a more open, inclusive, and harmonious world, where cultural differences are celebrated and respected,” explains Elisabetta Gramatica, who coordinates the Coding Girls in Mozambique Project, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

After the summer break, last week, in fact, the activities of Project “Coding Girls – Tackling the Gender and Geographic Divide in the ICT Sector in Mozambique” resumed, promoted by the Information and Development Education Center (CIES) with partners from Mozambican institutions, National Institute of Electronic Government (INAGE) and the IT Center of the Eduardo Mondlane University of Mozambique (CIUEM), under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Education. Twenty students from the province of Cabo Delgado connected for a virtual exchange with the students of the liceo scientifico G. Peano  in Monterotondo, in the province of Rome.

After a brief presentation of the programme activities of the two Coding Girls projects, the students described their school with videos produced by them and with their stories. The exchange then continued on the Miro platform, a visual space for innovation where teams can manage projects, bring products to life, and carry out activities simultaneously. Together, they created two travel itineraries - with destinations the province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique and Rome - to discover the two countries, their habits and customs, typical foods, the main tourist attractions, and unmissable experiences.

Next Tuesday, October 10, we will move to the province of Zambezia, where a group of students will have the opportunity to listen to Simone Masri, Health Inequalities Implementation Manager NHS England and USA Health Tech Consultant. It is "an inspirational meeting to listen to the efforts, successes and lessons learned to date in the extraordinary professional and personal journey of an exceptional role model," explains Elisabetta.

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