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Schools at the UN Climate Conference


Schools at the UN Climate Conference

Schools at the UN Climate Conference

Following negotiations amongst countries from afar

We are pleased to share this initiative promoted by the Viração&Jangada Association headed by Paulo Lima, an Ashoka Fellow like our Scientific Director Alfonso Molina: classes will have the opportunity to participate in the Dubai UN Climate Conference (COP28) on November 30 - December 12, 2023.

The Viraçao&Jangada Association, in partnership with the Provincial Agency for Environmental Protection (APPA), Trento Museum of Science (MUSE), the Italian Climate Network, the Italian Media and Communication Education Association (MED), and the support of the Gruppo Centrale Banca - Credito Cooperativo Italiano and the Jean Monnet European Centre of the University of Trento, provide students with the possibility of seeing UN climate negotiations close up thanks to Project My School at the UN COP 28 Climate Conference. The activities, which are free, are meant for middle and high schools.



  1. Education

The first activity will be a two-hour on-line session on Friday, November 10, at 11:00 am. Climatologists and climate negotiation experts will explain what takes place during COP conferences and how the complex mechanism behind the UN climate summits works.

  1.  Focus on Youth Press Agency

La second phase, based on independent work, entails reading and class viewing of materials relative to COP28 (articles, posts, video interviews, etc.) on the communication channels of the Youth Press Agency, including their Instagram and Facebook profiles. The content will be produced during the two weeks of the conference by the young participants from Trento who will fly to Dubai to document the climate summit with Viraçao&Jangada. All of this content will be available in four languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  1. Live Conference

The final activity will entail participation in a one-hour live conference from Dubai on Monday, December 11, at 11:00 am streamed on the Youth Press Agency YouTube Channel. Classes will dialogue with experts and young participants on-site, who will explain what is happening and answer questions.

For further information: Paulo Lima,  +39 348 193 6763

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