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SMEs and the Jubilee

Roma per il Giubileo. Il Giubileo per Roma

SMEs and the Jubilee

SMEs and the Jubilee

Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse with Dintec and Pid

The first communications campaign dedicated to the Jubilee 2025 building sites in Rome kicked off last week with the “Rome for the Jubilee. The Jubilee for Rome” campaign. 

“The same spirit,” reads the city’s press release, “imbues the partnership and collaboration between all the institutions and agencies involved in the intense urban transformation activity underway that aims to make the city even more welcoming, inclusive, and beautiful in view of the jubilee year. Even the format chosen - graphic lines that ideally cross the city - represents the desire to welcome and embrace the entire city, without excluding any neighbourhood or area. The colours, in turn, represent Italy with its Government, the Holy See, the city of Rome and the Lazio Region, in a fusion of intent towards a shared objective."

The campaign created in various languages is advertised on over 300 installations throughout the city, with particular attention to construction site areas. The objective is to reveal the work in progress to citizens, tourists, and the general public for the first time. "History, beauty and arts,” concludes the council document,” which, with the help of technology, will provide citizens and visitors with a preview of the future."

Large construction companies are not the only ones involved in transforming the city for the 2025 Jubilee... What can small and medium-sized enterprises do to create new development opportunities? The event Towards the Jubilee 2025: Seizing the Opportunities of Digital Tools, which will be held on December 12 (4-6 pm) at Binario F, is organized as part of Project Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse with Dintec and Punto Impresa Digitale from the Rome Chamber of Commerce. The meeting includes an introductory session on the metaverse and its possible applications, an experiential session with various immersive scenarios, and a practical session in which participants learn to use the business model canvas, a useful tool for strategically defining and renewing one's development model.

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