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Youth and the Agenda 2030

2030 Youth Vision
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Youth and the Agenda 2030

Youth and the Agenda 2030

2030 Youth Vision: Local Lab at the Vito Volterra School in Ciampino

Sustainable development means responding to the needs of the present by looking to the future, reconciling health, the environment, social equity, and economic dynamism, to create democratic, healthy and resilient communities. This vision is consolidated by the awareness of the impact that our actions have on the community and by our ability to direct the ideas, planning, and actions of the new generations towards change and innovation.

Today’s Local Labs for European Project 2030 Youth Vision (2.30-4.30 pm) will be hosted by the Liceo Vito Volterra in Ciampino. The activities are part of labour market orientation course based on participatory social co-planning course to reinforce young people's awareness of the role of leading agents of change and innovation, providing them with the technical and transversal skills for creation of ideas, actions and prototypes inspired by the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

The challenge of the activities scheduled today, coordinated by Coach Nicoletta Vulpetti, is to encourage critical, creative and innovative thinking, to trigger a path of positive, sustainable and long-lasting development starting from the community and young people, from their needs and dreams .

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