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Digital Made
Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Digital Made

Digital Made

Machine intelligence, cloud, additive manufacturing, big data…

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale has been working with art, design and technology for a number of years, now. In 2014, we organised the first edition of the Media Art Festival and introduced clothing developed in the Fab Lab (a collaboration with CNA and tailors) to the Maker Faire [see Maker Fashion: Alice at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym]. Over the course of the years, we have added new environments to the Phyrtual Innovation Gym: IoT Lab, Media Art Lab etc. Today, we are ready to provide a contribution to the Fashion Education sector, to mould beauty and new technology, because beauty is not a luxury. It is a common good, that must be ethical, sustainable and accessible to everyone.


Machine intelligence, cloud, additive manufacturing, big data… Digital Made is a modular programme that aims to accelerate digital transformation in the fashion sector with the contribution of young men and women. It includes:

  • Fashion Digital Night

    Project Digital Made will kick off with a special event, a fashion show at Altaroma 2019 dedicated to wearable technology.
  • Contests

    Open contests for group or individual participation by artists, creatives, designers, engineers, researchers, innovators, makers, stylists, students, etc. The projects selected by a commission of experts will receive opportunities for visibility at FMD events.
  • Zip Project

    The techno-fashion element becomes a transversal thread to educate the new generations in an exciting and innovative manner to fashion beauty and culture, as well as to explore the role of clothing in inclusion processes.
  • Maker Fashion

    A 40-hour school-work programme to experiment with digital technology in the design and fashion sectors, under the supervision of professionals.
  • Smart Summer Camp

    Hi-Tech Summer Camp for young boys and girls.
  • Edu Digital Fashion Day[S]

    Days dedicated to various formats (strategy workout, hackathon, creativity jam, etc.) focusing on education and synergies between different players in the fashion world. Exhibition of productions and collections selected through contests.


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