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A Trendsetting Fashion Show

Sfilata di moda Young Fashion Talents

A Trendsetting Fashion Show

A Trendsetting Fashion Show

An article on the event in the magazine for teachers and school administrators

“School is at the core of the project because it is the means through which 50% of citizens– students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents – meet. In fact, schools are a crucial node of society and active city policy.  The selected approach is systemic – from the productive to the educational system – but also multi-organizational, multi-sector and evolutionary. It is based on the Life Education Model because the final vision is that of a smart city in constant evolution, like a complex but single organism, thanks to social learning.”

The La Tecnica della Scuola magazine has an article on the Young Fashion Talents Fashion Show in Casal Monastero and Project Smart & Heart Rome

Schools Greet the Arrival of Sustainable, Digital and Technological Fashion: Project Smart&Heart Rome

Dino Galuppi

La tecnica della scuola, Nov. 19, 2022

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