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Ho avuto un'idea!

Ho avuto un'idea!

Developing skills for female empowerment


Room to Read (an American NGO promoting the empowerment of young women and girls) and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in collaboration with FEdUF and the Consorzio Arca, are launching an original educational pilot project on empowerment life skills, with particular but not exclusive attention to young women, focusing on digital skills, life skills, financial education and self-employment.


Just slightly over half of the young women who receive a high school diploma enrol in university: 54.4% in southern Italy and 50.1% in the islands. In Campania and Sicily, one of out of two young women (15-24) are unemployed and less than one out of three women works (20-64). And even though more women graduate from university than men in the so-called Mezzogiorno, their employment levels are far lower than women in northern Italy and Europe.


  • Supporting schools to develop strategic professional and life skills
  • Helping female students discover their vocations, talent and passions
  • Orient female students towards STEAM subjects
  • Encourage young women to access the working world with ideas and projects based on ability and creativity
  • Propose positive female role models that know how to reconcile lifestyle, profession and values


Designing and develop an original course, with schools, on technical (enterprise, digital and financial) and life skills to help young women make informed decisions for their future and the development of the community.


April-July 2022

  • Interviews with professors, students and school directors to analyse the school’s context, vocations, existing skills and those that need to be developed
  • Collaborative development with the schools of an educational programme and initial business ideas, to be further developed with courses on soft skills and orientation (PCTO)
  • Development of an educational programme with contents, methodologies and tools.


September-December 2022

Development and testing of PCTO, including:

  • Digital Skills Lab (by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale)
  • Self-employment Lab (by Consorzio Arca)
  • Financial Education Lab (by FEduF)
  • Business idea: helping and mentoring for intensive experiences ranging from conception to product.

All activities will be held in hybrid mode with involving and innovative methodologies. They will continue in the following school year (2023-24).



  • 2 schools
  • 4 partners
  • 2 cities (Naples and Palermo)
  • Various classes from professional institutes with a majority of young women
  • 2 PCTO cycles, each with four educational goals

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