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LinkedIn. Le competenze per ripartire

Colloquio di lavoro - LinkedIn. Le competenze per ripartire
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LinkedIn. Le competenze per ripartire

LinkedIn. Le competenze per ripartire

LinkedIn now has 830 million members and over 58 million registered companies. It is the most widely used professional social networking site for finding, offering a job and getting an interview. In Italy there are more than 16 million users.

With LinkedIn we offer the training program The Skills to Start Again, a free course dedicated to those who want to enter the world of work or want to reposition themselves according to the characteristics of their profile. By talking with LinkedIn experts you can understand if your profile is well written and if you are taking advantage of the different opportunities that the "business social" offers.

Writing an effective profile, building a reasoned network of relationships, extending knowledge, receiving content in line with one's interests, preparing for and facing a successful interview: these are the main topics covered in the meetings with LinkedIn trainers from the Social Impact team.

In addition, thanks to the LinkedIn Coaches program, we offer another opportunity for job seekers: to meet in a one-on-one interview with an expert from the first social network entirely dedicated to the world of work.

To participate in a personal online career conversation or profile review, one must sign up for the LinkedIn Coaches program by filling out the online form.  Within a couple of weeks, those enrolled are contacted to set a date for the interview, which is conducted in English. Coaches are LinkedIn employees who volunteer their time to provide job seekers with career path advice and strategies for improving their profiles. Each job seeker who participates in the program also receives a free LinkedIn Premium Membership (if they do not already have one).


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