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Smart for Europe

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Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Smart for Europe

Smart for Europe

With Project “Smart for Europe,” the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will organise educational sessions and digital content to support the information and communication activities of the Europe Direct Centre in Reggio Calabria, as part of the fourth edition of Programme Aper Europe.

Europe Direct Centres make Europe more accessible locally and allow citizens to participate in the debate on the future of the EU. The network is managed by the European Commission.

Digital and functional literacy, simplification of e-government services, community development: thanks to the contribution of the “Network of Knowledge Volunteers,” Project “Smart for Europe” works side by side with young and elder citizens in Europe.

The five-module course is dedicated to a group of digital ambassadors who will then peer train their local communities to use digital technology for communication, sharing and access to new digital services. This will also drive the communities’ ability to integrate and experiment with new generative welfare models.


  • Help citizens of all ages to enjoy digital transformation
  • Promote the use of applications for information, access to services and common life
  • Promote civic participation and the active citizenship of youth
  • Promote active ageing and the social role of elders
  • Develop a community interested in European issues



The project aims to train 50 digital ambassadors for Europe Direct in the City of Reggio Calabria, of different ages and with a good knowledge of new technology, to drive the multiplier effect of social learning.

At the end of the course, each ambassador will be able to train – either in presence or distance – at least 10 peers as “digital peer facilitators.”



The course, developed on the basis of DigComp, the European reference framework for the digital skills of citizens, is based on five modules:

  • Rights and Digital Principles
  • Surfing and Searching
  • Main digital services
  • Fake News, Security and Privacy
  • Communications and Socialisation

Thanks to a help desk, monitoring sessions and educational materials, each digital ambassador will provide this training in new learning contexts and to various targets. The “bring your own device” model will allow digital ambassadors to help citizens enjoy their PCs, smartphones and tablets.



The project aims to create a phyrtual (physical and virtual) local ecosystem to raise the awareness of citizens on the importance of digital citizenship issues, access correct information and participate in on-line activities. It promotes local collaborations to create networks and develop intelligent communities. This learning experience will be enriched by testimonials, storytelling on Europe Direct social channels and community development.

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