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The Centripetal Force of Suburbs

Smart & Heart Rome

The Centripetal Force of Suburbs

The Centripetal Force of Suburbs

Smart & Heart Rome: an inclusive innovation model

Innovation Gyms accelerate the growth of human capital and are a driving force for the inclusive digital transformation of the city. They were created as innovation centres in the most complex neighbourhoods of the capital to network the innovative and transformative forces of communities, starting from schools. Strengths include training, collaboration, participation, and co-planning. And the involvement of citizens of all ages.

For the inauguration of the new Innovation Gym in Corviale, social innovators in Rome’s suburbs (Tor Bella Monaca, Ostia, Casal Monastero, Tufello, Tor Pignattara) will explain how they are "stitching up" and regenerating the areas by creating new connections and valued relationships. Together they are building a new city capable of developing not only human capital, but also social capital, bonds, and dialogue. Strong communities, with a sense of belonging, that compare, learn, share, and grow.

The appointment is on October 11 in Corviale, an area involved in the Integrated Urban Plan, at the Istituto comprensivo Fratelli Cervi, in the Municipio XI. The Digital Transformation Department of the Rome City Council is also participating and supporting the programme, conducting tests on unprecedented collaborations for the transformation of local communities, in synergy with the local, national and European plans.

Original career orientation courses with a focus on holistic sustainability, the first school camp for environmental detection drone flight, the co-design of innovative services and products, corners dedicated to mixed reality with Rai Cinema, real life tutorials to accompany the less-experienced citizens in the use of e-gov services, etc. The Innovation Gyms are custom-tailored to local needs to create more cohesion and provide lifelong learning of all citizens. They are a concrete action to address and reduce inequalities, territorial gaps, poverty, vulnerability, multidimensional fragility, and conflicts. They put social mobility back into motion, creating new opportunities for training, work, social inclusion, and development.

Innovation Gyms can be created in any space, any school, any abandoned place, any association. They are the space where digital skills are taught and ideas take shape, strategies are discussed, solutions are prototyped, etc.

The Innovation Gyms provide social innovation actions capable of mending, connecting, and transforming territories, jointly developing human and social capital.

Smart & Heart Rome is a "glue" that brings the different souls of the city into contact, enhancing the actions of the city council for the inclusive digital transition of the city’s areas.

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