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For a “Colourful” PA

Per una PA a colori

For a “Colourful” PA

For a “Colourful” PA

The award held at the Forum PA covers seven topics and a special category.

For a “Colourful” PA” is also the topic of the award connected to the Forum PA 2024 (May 21-23, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome). The concept is inspired by the metaphor of the prism and the refraction of light into visible colours to overcome the classical narration of a dull, grey, and old public administration system. Seven adjectives were selected to present a “Colourful” PA, each corresponding to one of the event topics and with an award.

Projects submitted to “For a “Colourful” PA” must address:

  • PA competence
  • PA welcome
  • PA digital tools
  • PA sustainability
  • PA simplicity
  • PA openness
  • PA closeness

The submission deadline is April 5 by 5 pm.

During the course of the final “Forum PA” event on May 23 at the Rome Palazzo dei Congressi, the winning projects will be announced and receive awards, for a maximum of three in each category. Moreover, a further project will be selected amongst all submissions using AI systems to assign the “Speical AI and PA Award.”

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