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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions

First large-scale meeting of the Synergies Cluster with Trust aWare

The  first physical meeting of the Synergies Cluster on cybersecurity and data protection is being hosted by the Lisbon Universidade Nova.

The joint event aims to kick-off collaboration between various European Union organisations involved in cybersecurity: Project Electron, Kraken H2020, Project Idunn, Project Secant, Trust aWare, Project Iris H2020, Project Spatial, Project Eratosthenes and Arcadian-IoT.

All project representatives will participate in the workshop, including Project Manager Annaleda Mazzucato for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The organisers hope the sharing of results, resources, and skills will create more efficient and ocmplete cybersecurity solutions for the European Union market.



October 16

  • Registration
  • Welcome Speech
  • Presentation by project manager
  • Presentation of projects

October 17

  • Session 1: Exploiting Synergies for Joint Cybersecurity Solutions.
  • Parallel Sessions:
    • 2A: Joint Training Sessions
    • 2B: Next Horizon Europe Calls


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