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Fighting Cyberbullying

Global StopCyberbullying Telesummit

Fighting Cyberbullying

Fighting Cyberbullying

Virtual roundtable closes the IV Telesummit

On Monday, October 31, Cecilia Stajano will speak at the IV Global Stop Cyberbullying Telesummit at the virtual round table on "Combating Cyberbullying - Exploring What Works" that will conclude the event from 11:00 to 12:30.

Cecilia will address FMD’s commitment against cyberbullying, also in reference to European Project DisAbuse (“Disablist Bullying - Experience into Change, providing the right support services”). The project was implemented in 2017-2018 as part of the Erasmus+ Cooperation Programme for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices following up on the collaboration between the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and the Dublin University Anti-bullying Centre in partnership with important research centres on preventing and contrasting bullying: Institute of Art & Design Technology (Ireland), Istituto universitario di Lisbona (Portugal) and University of Murcia (Spain).

Round table participants

  • Almudena Lara, Child Safety GAPP Global Lead, Google (Panel Chair)
  • Martin Drechsler, Managing Director, FSM
  • Alex Holmes, ceo, The Diana Award
  • Cecilia Stajano, Welfare Community Manager, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Tito Morais, Founder of Miúdos Seguros na Net and Agarrados à Net (Organization)
  • Cristiane Miranda, Founder of Teen on Top and Agarrados à Net (Organization)

The IV Global Stop Cyberbullying Telesummit (Oct. 3-31, 2022) is "the largest global event on bullying and cyberbullying. From, it involved European experts working to contrast the phenomenon. The objective was not only to debate the issue, but to share functional solutions.

Amongst the issues addressed in the 20-day focus marathon with over 30 guests:

  • Technology to prevent and contrast cyberbullying
  • Suicide prevention and self-harm on the Internet
  • Education to positivity and peace
  • Non-violent communication
  • Bullying in videogames
  • Image-based sexual violence
  • Bullying in sports

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