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Local Alliances at WMF 2024

WMF 2024

Local Alliances at WMF 2024

Local Alliances at WMF 2024

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale will participate in a panel on innovation and inclusion.

We Make Future, the three-day international fair and festival on innovation that is hosted by the Fiera di Bologna on June 13-15, opens tomorrow. Conceived and organised by Search On Media Group WMF 2024 will involve over 90 countries and more than 600 sponsors and exhibitors, 3000 international start-ups and open innovation stakeholders with 1000 speakers and over 90 educational workshops.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale Project Manager Vincenzo Sivero will participate in the session on “Innovation, Inclusion and Local Alliances: New Projects for the Country” on Friday 14 (14:00-14.20).

The panel will explore strategies for urban regeneration, focusing on strengthening local identity, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and innovation. The importance of an integrated approach and the involvement of citizens will be highlighted, as well as that of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Challenges and opportunities will be analysed to transform Italian cities into smarter, more inclusive, and sustainable environments, laying the foundations for resilient and prosperous urban growth.


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