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The Pleasure of Public Speaking

Giuliana Ubertini, formatrice per Job Digital Lab

The Pleasure of Public Speaking

The Pleasure of Public Speaking

Our voice beyond screens: a Job Digital Lab webinar with ING Italia

Not many know the word glossophobia, but plenty experience its unpleasant effects. It is the fear of speaking in public, which makes our voice tremble, stammer, accelerate the heartbeat, and can cause real anxiety attacks. Overcoming this "phobia" is important because public speaking is a strategic transversal skill, appreciated in any work environment.

Giuliana Ubertini, a communications expert, will help us discover the pleasant dimension of public communication. She will hold the webinar entitled Our Voice Beyond the Screen: Public Speaking Techniques to Attract and Conquer an On-line Audience as part of the Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action with ING Italia. The event will be held on February 23 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. It will provide an hour of in-depth study on techniques for creating meaningful connections and engaging an on-line audience.

After ten years of writing and hosting web and TV programmes, cultural and scientific events, Giuliana discovered corporate training. Since 2015, she has dedicated her professional career to the development of public and camera speaking courses, as well as team building and internal corporate communications. Her vision focuses on the well-being of people and the harmony of teams, an approach that she has codified in the Happy Speaking Method.

A firm supporter of training as a growth lever, Giuliana joined Project Job Digital Lab to share her experience with a wider audience, from the corporate sector to young talent and entrepreneurs who aspire to leave a positive footprint in the world, either a step or maybe one video at a time.

The webinar will also be enriched by the advice and experiential techniques of Margherita Lillus, Internal Communications Expert at ING Italia, which revolve around the less is more concept: "Find your core. Look for the things without which you would not be able to bring your objective home. Then, focus on the most important points of your presentation and concentrate on those: the rest is useless" [see news: Our Voice Beyond the Screen].

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