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The Power of a Good Story

Job Digital Lab, come raccontare la propria identità d’impresa nella piazza digitale

The Power of a Good Story

The Power of a Good Story

Job Digital Lab: narrating a business brand on-line.

“What unites people? Stories. There is nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it, no enemy can defeat it,” said Tyrion Lannister, one of the protagonists of “Game of Thrones” concluding the last episode. And without a story to narrate and transmit it, a fact simply does not exist. This was explained by storyteller and Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach Nicoletta Vulpetti on May 22 at Binario F for the training session for the Food & Beverage sector. This was the Food Storytelling: Narrating a Business Brand On-line session organised as part of Project  Job Digital Lab, the training programme developed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ING Italia and here in collaboration with the Digital Enterprise point of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. 

The session’s main focus was correct and intelligent communications to promote businesses on-line and reach new audiences. Various cases of excellence were presented. The report is by Onelia Onorati.

Alessandra Nutta, Project Manager at Innova Camera, a special company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, invited entrepreneurs to attend courses and initiatives on how to best exploit digital tools for the business sector. Silvia Colombo, Head of External Communication & CSR, ING Italia, described how Job Digital Lab fits into the group strategy, which in Italy also aims to promote literacy, which is currently below the European average. “We firmly believe in digital tools and new technology. Indeed, we are the first bank to have adopted these tools,” explains Silvia Colombo. “We are certain that platforms will help people to communicate better.”

Case histories on sustainability and digitalisation concerned Birra Peroni and Malteria SaploFabio Scappaticci, Plant Director at Malteria Saplo SpA, spoke about the importance of technology that “allows us to trace our production and improve our company providing greater control and a full mapping of the productive process.” Currently, Birra Peroni and Saplo collaborate with over 1500 Italian farmers for the production of two-row barley for beer. “Beer is produced from nature and barley, only Italian barley in our case. We decided to include a QR code on the beer bottles to allow consumers to identify where the product they are drinking comes from,” concludes Massimo Fortunato, Sustainable Development Manager at Birra Peroni. SpesaBus and Top Food Italy concluded the success case presentations.

SpesaBus, represented by its founder and CEO Flavia Seno, is a start-up that aims to incentivise sustainable consumption, promoting the matching of clients and local activities that share the same values through a virtual market. Top Food Italy® was similarly represented by Ernesto D’Ortenzi, founder and Director, to present his project based on the passion for quality Italian food and beverage products and the desire to communicate and share the work of the many suppliers throughout Italy.



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