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Speaking to consultant Marco Montironi, data protection expert

We continue our conversation between Annaleda Mazzucato and Marco Montironi, a data protection expert, who will help us understand more about cybersecurity, future developments, and technology that will play a strategic role in these issues.

How do you envisage the evolution of the cybersecurity sector in the coming years? What emerging technology or trends interest you the most?

Working basically on privacy, I am very focused on solutions that can increase personal data protection and security. Recently, I have become interested in age verification processes for on-line services. There must be juridic certainty of the age of the user, whilst also guaranteeing confidentiality. New methods are currently being tested for this that could also be used for the certification of other individual characteristics. This is just an example of an area that needs more work, privacy engineering, the development of new solutions that can be easily used to solve legal issues concerning personal data and cybersecurity.

In general, I am also interested in cryptography, an indispensable tool every time that data security is concerned, especially concerning the advent of quantum computing that will revolutionize computer science as we know it. On the one hand, these new computers will make even the most secure traditional cryptography obsolete, simply in terms of rapidity, but, on the other, they will introduce new algorithms. We’ll have to wait and see how secure and efficient they will be.

We are currently working on two projects related to cybersecurity: Trust aWare with a European consortium and Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity with Microsoft.

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