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Rights in the Digital Era

Empodera Live

Rights in the Digital Era

Rights in the Digital Era

Trust aWare Consortium at Empodera Live

On September 26-27, the Trust aWare Consortium will participate in the Malaga Empodera Live 2023, the European reference event for the digital sovereignty of citizens and technological services for communities.

According to the promoters, “the event invites us to reflect on how to “hacker” global challenges to develop solutions in a collaborative, open, ethical, sustainable, and inclusive manner. Will technology, data, and AI determine our future? Or will technology help us redefine our common spaces and guarantee our rights? While humanity faces the greatest challenges of the technological revolution, EmpoderaLIVE 2023 will lead a discussion on how to use technology to shape the future we desire, a future created by and for people. Come and discover the new ideas and solutions that demonstrate how civic technology is contributing to strengthening citizen commitment at a global level.!

In particular, speakers from the Trust aWare Consortium, Jesús Alonso, Senior Data Scientist at Tree Technology (lead partners), and researcher Tim Jacquemard from Trilateral Research, will illustrate how to reflect on the use of technology to guarantee our rights in the digital era, presenting solutions developed by the European project.

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