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Working with Various Forms of Intelligence

Lavorare con più intelligenze

Working with Various Forms of Intelligence

Working with Various Forms of Intelligence

Six-module course organised by Project Ital.IA Lab

The impact of AI on work: Six-module course organised by Project Ital.IA Lab in collaboration with Microsoft to use new technology correctly and increase personal and professional wellbeing.

It is always difficult to foresee the economic and social impact of a new technology. However, in the case of artificial intelligence, it is certain that it will produce significant transformations across all sectors. Moreover, as is already happening, it will involve all professions, not just those in the field of technology. The challenge is to be prepared!

The course, which will be held by Elisa Chierchiello, an AI expert with a Master’s degree from the University of Turin, will provide a wide overview of AI focusing on the various opportunities it will provide in different sectors. The six-module course will allow participants to discover how AI is transforming the way in which we generate content, analyse data, optimise processes, interact with users, and predict the future. The course aims to unveil the potential of AI in various fields, from medicine to marketing, art, and finance, providing the necessary knowledge and tools to exploit this revolutionary technology.

After attending the course, participants will have a better understanding of their work situation and be able to realistically comprehend development scenarios, thanks to a precious set of resources, including knowledge, skills, and interpretational tools.


  1. Introduction
  2. Generation of content
  3. Automatic analysis of data
  4. Process automation and optimisation
  5. Interaction with mankind
  6. AI and forecasting

TARGET: workers and individuals seeking employment

METHOD: one-hour webinars


  • May 7, 17-18
  • May 15, 17-18
  • May 22, 17-18
  • May 28, 17-18
  • June 4, 17-18
  • June 11, 17-18

CERTIFICATION: participation certificate and open badge (validated by the University of Roma Tre) following a skills evaluation test.

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