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Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda

Webinars and labs for students, teachers, parents, grandparents and citizens

Although in-presence activities are gradually returning to normality, the courses that will be held on the week of October 10 are nearly exclusively composed of webinars. In-presence events concern three projects:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 12, 10 am, Innovation Gym: presentation of the new edition of Rising Youth, promoted with SAP. 
  • Friday 14 AND Saturday 15: Skills for life Conference promoted by Room to Read for the “International Day of the Girl” on October 11. Mirta Michilli will speak at the roundtable on “Skills for Life: A Challenge for Schools at Present and in the Future”. In the morning of Saturday, Ilaria Graziano and Cecilia Stajano will present Project I Had an Idea together with participating schools.
  • Unicredit branches continue to hold OfficinaDigitale – Digital Workshop sessions in-presence for over-65s. 

We would like to remind teachers, administrators, educators and coaches that the programme of the Didattiche.2022 Conference promoted by Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson, also includes labs with our coaches.



Monday, October 10

11.00-12.30 | Fact-checking | Fully Enjoy the Internet | First-degree secondary school students | Expert from Pagella Politica 

17.00-18.30 | Personal Data and Privacy | Fully Enjoy the Internet | Target:  teachers | Coach Giusi Messina

18.30-19.30 | Software and Web Application Security | Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity | Coach Manuel Serra | Target:  youth and citizens


Tuesday, October 11

17.30-18.30 | Personal Data and Privacy | Fully Enjoy the Internet | Target:  parents | Coach Valentina Guerrera


Wednesday, October 12

10.00-13.00 | Presentation of Project Rising Youth | Innovation Gym | in presence

10.00-11.30 | Storytelling: How Stories Work| Fully Enjoy the Internet | Primary School students | Coach Nicoletta Vulpetti

16.00-18.00 | Robotics and 5G for Fragile Users | TEChnology and COMmunications | second meeting | High schools in Lazio | Coach Sara Magrini

17:00-18.00 | Power Automate | Power Platform | Ambizione Italia for Work | Target: youth and unemployed | Coach Elisa Chierchiello


Thursday, October 13

10.00-11.30 | Discover the Cloud | Roll Cloud | Target:  students in the final three years of second-degree secondary school | Coaches Sara Magrini and Elena Cerbara

16.00-18.00 | Digital Fashion | second meeting | TEChnology and COMmunications | High schools in Lazio | Coach Irene Caretti

17.00-18.30 | Digital Wellbeing | Fully Enjoy the Internet | Target:  teachers | Coach Giovanna Vaccaro

18.00-19.30 | Listening and Dialogue between Parents and Teachers | Fully Enjoy the Internet | Target:  parents | Coach Federica Boniolo


Friday, October 14

16.00-18.00 | Gaming and Fake News | second meeting | TEChnology and COMmunications | High schools in Lazio | Coach Silvia Franceschini

 18.30-19.30 | Network Security | Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity | Target:  youth and citizens | Coach Manuel Serra

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