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Children and Adolescents On-line

Growing Up in the Digital Age

Children and Adolescents On-line

Children and Adolescents On-line

Challenges emerging from the "Growing Up in the Digital Age" Event in Dublin.

During the first week of March, we participated in two work days organised by Google in Dublin.  Ilaria Graziano, Project Manager, and Marta Pietrelli, who coordinates projects Fully Enjoy the Internet and CS First participated on behalf of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale [see news: Growing Up in the Digital Age].

“These are important opportunities for exchange,” explains Ilaria Graziano, “as well as important training and support opportunities. Above all, Google is creating a series of opportunities at the European level, such as round tables, events, and working groups, which bring together all the subjects working on educational challenges."

With a few weeks' delay, we are publishing a summary of the main points that emerged from the discussion, which focused on adults' lack of understanding of the on-line world, teacher training, evaluation problems and funding models, and parental controls. We hope it will be useful ideas to our entire community.

The following key points emerged:

• the need for better media education among adults and the need for adults to recognize that there is no distinction for young people between on-line and off-line life

• the deficiencies in teacher training and the need to create support and discussion groups for teachers and parents about on-line safety

• reflection on evaluation models, their purpose and limitations, and which models are most advantageous, as well as aspects related to the evaluation of the impact, in the medium and long term, of educational programmes

• the challenge of turning projects into programmes and the importance of clear funding plans

• the need for further research on young people's on-line behaviour

• the acceleration of technological change and the need for adults to accept that they are not able to keep up with youth and should act as security providers rather than technology experts.

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