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Eyes on the Web!

Eyes on the Web!

Coding Girls: Cyber Challenge at the University of Salerno

Today, Programme Coding Girls arrives at the University of Salerno with two challenges on technology for over 300 students, some also in lower secondary school, with 60% young women amongst the participants. The students come from 11 high schools in around Salerno and Avellino. The challenge, entitled “Eyes on the Web!” will address security and is organised in synergy with Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity, which has a specific focus on young women.

The protagonists will be the students from participating schools, who have been training with a passionate team of nearly all female coaches.

The real driving force behind the hackaton is the passion of Professor Delfina Malandrino from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Salerno: "Joining the Coding Girls project has allowed me to contribute to the long and incessant work to eliminate the gender gap in STEM subjects. The Coding Girls initiative, specifically, has allowed me to implement, over time, a series of initiatives to encourage young students to study in the fields of science and at the same time prepare them for the careers of the future, such as those in high demand in various sectors of information technology. This year, in addition to involving schools, with their students, teachers, and school managers, attention was also paid to university teachers, former university students, role models, and businesses, with a view to expanding the network of people who, one way or another, through different points of view and different experiences, contribute to erasing the stereotyped idea that the IT world is more suitable for men.

Only thanks to the stories of students, researchers, and business women who have created interesting projects in the IT field, the story of their experiences and their "being" in daily life, can we contribute to eradicating cultural stereotypes, illuminating an unknown world that is concealed by incorrect advice received from school teachers and parents, guiding and encouraging young women to pursue a career in a world in which high managerial skills can be the result of character skills (such as emotional intelligence, aptitude for collaboration, and the effective resolution of problems) typical of women, who are therefore able to take on the many challenges still open and create tomorrow’s innovation.”

An important role was also played by Christian Carmine Esposito, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, who answered two short questions:

What drove you to participate in Coding Girls? 
The gender gap between women and IT is evident in recent national and European statistics on the number of women employed in ICT. It develops at school, with repercussions at university. Although the trend is global, in Italy, the situation is far more worrying and growing, and represents one of the main challenges for those involved in university education in computer science. I decided to participate in Coding Girls to get to the root of the problem and reverse the trend by encouraging IT studies amongst young women and understanding the reason for their lack of interest in ICT degree programmes.

How was the experience? 
It was very important both in terms of the topic addressed and to see how young men and women approach cybersecurity. Illustrating the dangers inherent in the web and the possibility of using Open-Source Intelligence (Osint) as a tool to see how one’s digital identity gives children the opportunity to better understand the dangers and risks that the Internet and the web pose in today's society.

The COACHES’ outlookS

Angela De Martino, 23, computer science master’s programme student 

My decision to undertake this course was guided by a profound curiosity towards the world of technology and innovation. I have always been fascinated by the vast range of possibilities provided by electronic devices, such as computers, which allow us to perform an incredible variety of tasks. I am here to prove that with determination and passion, all challenges can be overcome, without any distinction in gender.

Manuela Esposito, 24, Computer Science Degree

Since I was a child, I have had a great passion for IT and its many facets. I am currently specializing in cybersecurity. I am fascinated by the world of hacking and its challenges, which I see not only as obstacles to overcome, but as opportunities to explore new frontiers and push the limits of my creativity and knowledge. But there's more. An unexpected passion was born in me: teaching. I decided to work as a coach at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, because I am used to putting my heart into everything I do. My goal is, based on my knowledge, to convey all the concepts in a simple and linear way, to allow students to nourish their curiosity.

Costantina Vincenzo, 22, Cybersecurity master’s programme student

Since high school, I have loved IT, but it was during the preparation of my thesis that I became particularly passionate about cybersecurity. I also explored this topic in depth in my master's degree programme. One of my main interests concerns defence strategies against cyberthreats.

Naomi De Caro, 24 , Cybersecurity master’s programme student

Since the beginning of my studies, I have had a profound passion for the challenges and dynamics that characterize security and networking activities. I decided to put myself to the test in this new and stimulating opportunity and teach secondary school students. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with them, and at the same time to learn from them and grow together. I am aware that this will be a journey full of new discoveries, but I am determined to make the students' educational experience as stimulating as possible.

Simona Grieco, 25, Software Engineering & IT Management master’s programme student

I have been passionate about computer science since I was a child. I believe the world of technology is exciting, creative, and full of challenges and opportunities. I hope to be able to contribute, even if only in a small way, to the growth and development of this extraordinary field.

Maria Concetta Schiavone, 25, Computer Science master’s programme student

I am specializing in the field of Software Engineering. I am passionate about technology and its impact on society and am an advocate for equality and diversity in the world of computing, and I hope to help create a more inclusive and representative workplace for everyone. In addition to my academic activity, I am very happy to participate in hackathons and tech events, where I can collaborate with other enthusiasts.

Irena Gaita, Data Science & Machine Learning master’s programme student

I am enterprising and eager to seize new opportunities. My academic career and my constant curiosity towards the future increasingly push me to immerse myself in technology and IT advances. Through continuous learning and exploration of digital innovations, I seek to develop skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the modern world and contribute meaningfully to the evolution of digital society.

Annamaria Basile, 23, Informatica, Software Engineering & IT Management master’s programme student

Since I was young, I have cultivated a great curiosity for the world of IT, and I have always wanted to learn and be ready to face new challenges. This passion for knowledge is what drives me to continue my studies, with the aim of one day contributing to the evolution of digital society.

Carmela Pia Senatore, 22, Data Science and Machine Learning master’s programme student

I have always shown a strong interest in new technology and innovation. My passion for IT has led me to explore the fields of data science and machine learning, where I am committed to combining theory and practice to face challenges and create innovative solutions. I am strongly determined to contribute to technological progress and use my skills to solve real problems.

Martina Girolamo, Data Science & Machine Learning master’s programme student

I have a profound interest and curiosity for all issues related to the digital world, ranging from graphics to video game development. During my bachelor’s degree, I developed a particular passion for computer vision and machine learning, which was further fuelled through the development of my degree thesis. I have a strong desire to work with other experts in the sector, as I believe that interaction is a precious source of learning and stimuli for my continuous professional and personal growth.

Gennaro Pio Rimoli, Master’s Degree in Computer Science

I am an all-round technology enthusiast, with a particular interest in cybersecurity and reverse engineering. I like to spend my free time reading and writing about new programming frameworks or working on electronics and web projects. Sharing what I know with others fills me with joy, especially when I can convey my own spirit of curiosity to them!

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