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For Maximum Inclusion

Pathway Companion, una piattaforma intelligente per caregiver e bambini

For Maximum Inclusion

For Maximum Inclusion

Pathway Companion: an intelligent platform for caregivers and children.

Thanks to further funding from, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale is developing AI solutions to guarantee the rights of all children at school, as indicated by our constitution. Project Pathway Companion was announced yesterday at the “Protect. Google and YouTube’s Commitment for the Safety of Children” event held at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. The Fondazione Mondo Digitale was represented by Directors Mirta Michilli (general) and Alfonso Molina (scientific), as well as Elisa AmorelliIlaria Graziano, and Marta Pietrelli.

“It is a learning platform based on artificial intelligence that includes intelligent tutoring functions to support caregivers (teachers, support teachers, healthcare operators, and parents) and children with learning disabilities in their education and growth, also guaranteeing safe on-line activity,” explains Mirta Michilli, Director General of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

The partnership governing the development of the “adaptive and custom-tailorable platform based on AI to provide specialised content” involves the largest Italian non-profit institute, the Fondazione Don Gnocchi (25 residential structures and 27 clinics in 9 regions and an extraordinary network). Naturally, there also are technological partners (IT LogiX), related to university research centres, such as the University of Roma Tre, that will be involved in testing, training operators, and adapting the platform to other countries, starting from Spain and Portugal.


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