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Tailor-made workshops and laboratories for all. And civic challenges to improve community life. For homogeneous groups also "on demand" training.

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Our experience in projects

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Power Platform

Power Platform

From data analysis and solution development to process automation and virtual agent creation: with the Microsoft Power Platform course, you will effectively meet the challenges of the digital age. You...

Autoimprenditoria e startup

Self-entrepreneurship: from idea to project

How can I tell if it is a good idea? Where do I start to build the business plan? What are the key skills for running a business project? Turn...

Alfabetizzazione e consapevolezza digitale

Digital literacy and awareness

To use the Internet and its main tools, to surf online safely and work efficiently and optimally, wherever you are and whenever you want, start your free training now! Once...

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

The cloud (the computing cloud) is now indispensable for everyone. Companies implent functions, services and infrastructure through the cloud. And everyone shares music, photos and documents every day by storing...

Comunicazione multimediale

Multimedia Communication

If your adolescence is marked by new technologies, but you don't know how to exploit them and make them a strong point for your profession, you've come to the right...

Introduzione ad Azure. Fondamenti per la certificazione AZ900

Introduction to Azure. Fundamentals for AZ900 certification

The course introduces participants to cloud technology, delving into its complexities and how to coexist with current on-prem technologies, with the aim of achieving Microsoft AZ900 certification. Starting with an...

Sicurezza informatica per i cittadini

Information security for citizens

The course aims to train citizens in cyber security by focusing on the security of web applications and digital tools in everyday use. To this end, after a general introduction...


Digital skills for work and professional awareness

As part of the Job Digital lab project, training that puts you in the game, four self-paced video courses are available for those seeking employment or undergoing career transition. The...

Le competenze digitali per la cittadinanza attiva

Digital skills for active citizenship

As part of the Job Digital lab project, training that puts you in the game, a set of 10 modules is available in the format of self-paced video courses divided...

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