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Italian Red Cross Weekend Explores the Future

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Italian Red Cross Weekend Explores the Future

Italian Red Cross Weekend Explores the Future

“Experiencing an acceleration towards the future, learning a new innovative work method,” is one of the comments of the 100 Italian Red Cross volunteers who participated in the labs (September 9-10) organized by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale’s Innovation Gym. The volunteers learned about new technology in digital environment and how it can be used to improve healthcare.

The event was introduced by Cecilia Stajano, Fondazione Mondo Digitale Community Manager, and Gabriele Bellocchi, Italian Red Cross Technical Delegate for Innovation and Volunteering. Bellocchi pointed out that digital tools may be embraced both through the continuous practice conducted by volunteers and thanks to partnerships with consolidate realities such as the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, to learn to manage increasingly complex systems. “It’s not only important to know how to address major emergencies, but also to understand the new world,” Bellocchi concluded.

Many comments were made about the potential of digital tools for everyday practices: “A great experience, you worked on soft skills. I hope we can delve deeper into this … it was both educational and regenerating. We must do it again! I especially recommend the part on administrative professional training for my committee.” “An opportunity to meet new realties and exchange information, an excellent way to come up with new ideas and find solutions to local issues.”

The volunteers were coached by Daniele Vigo to design an Italian Red Cross branded object in the fab lab with Tinkercad software, While Marco Brocchieri held a workshop on Arduino with the development of an interactive prototype.

Participation in the lab on immersive reality held by Emanuele Coletta with Meta Quest 2 visors was enthusiastic. Participants experimented “Dante in the Metaverse” and the “Still Life” installation by Chiara Passa, presented by Meta and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale at Videocittà 2023, with an experience on medical immersive learning. Enrico Bersani presented tools and techniques for multimedia communication. Moreover, on Sunday, Cecilia Stajano managed a works session to develop an innovation strategy with the LEGO® Serious Play methodology.

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