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Vasu Jakkal: The Power of Empathic Leadership

Incontro con Vasu Jakkal
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Vasu Jakkal: The Power of Empathic Leadership

Vasu Jakkal: The Power of Empathic Leadership

Microsoft House: 15 young women meet a cybersecurity expert.

Charisma, leadership, empathy, and a disruptive vision… Vasu Jakkal is a special, passionate business leader, capable of driving transformation and growth, as well as involving, and even "dragging" (to be understood almost literally), younger people with her enthusiasm, founded on complex skills in sectors such as cybersecurity, cloud, IoT and smart mobility.

Today, at the Microsoft House in Milan, 15 young women met Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Security, Compliance, Identity & Privacy. And the Coding Girls, students from schools in Milan and university students on STEM programmes from many different countries and cultures, were there too.

The meeting was also attended by the Director General Mirta Michilli, who shared the commitment of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale for gender equality in the technology sector, and Francesca Meini, in her dual role as Director’s Assistant and Project Manager for Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity and Ital.IA Lab.

"We are often so focused on carrying on with our daily lives - between presentations and numbers to sort out and demonstrate results - that we almost forget the extraordinary privilege we have. We can touch people’s lives with our actions, in an authentic and meaningful way," writes Francesca on WhatsApp while the plane that takes her back to Rome in the evening is about to take off. "Today, this privilege appeared before my eyes in all its strength. And it was beautiful."

It was extraordinary to see Vasu Jakkal get excited as she retraced her story through the dreams and fears of the young women who are trying to make their way in the world of STEM that doesn't seem to have been designed for them. Vasu pushed them to believe in it, not to be afraid of failure, to always be follow their passion and enthusiasm, which are essential to never fail.

I am sure that these students will carry these teachings with them for a long time (I understood it from the many thanks with which we greeted each other) and perhaps, in a few years, when they sit in important seats, they will remember this meeting and that precious mentor who encouraged them to follow their dreams until they truly came true. Maybe they will also remember us, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

Have a good trip and a safe return, Francesca! And happy journey in life to all girls and young women! With the hope that it will always be made of free choices. And special thanks to Vasu Jakkal and the Microsoft team who gave us this special meeting!

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